Stacey's PuppyLuv


Pet Day Care:  I will come to your home and spend some time with your  pets, feeding, cleaning up, playing with them, walking  your puppies and generally making sure they are doing  well.  Frequency of visits and specifics will be  determined at our meeting.

       Overnight Sitting:
 I will come and stay overnight providing your pets with a  familiar face (mine) and making them feel a little

more secure.

Basic Pet Grooming:
As an added, elective feature, I can shampoo your sweeties and clip their nails.  We can discuss any special needs they may have like a medicated shampoo.  In the future I will be able to offer a
more thorough trimming and grooming service.

In House Mail Pick-up:  I will make sure that any mail that comes to your  home while you are away gets collected into a  designated, secure place.  

Plant Watering: Following your instructions, I will water and provide
 basic care for your house plants also.  This will have to be  specifically discussed ahead of time

Chauffeur: As an extra, added feature, we can arrange to have me drive you to the airport, train or BART station and then pick you up when you return.

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