About Me

Pet Day Care


Welcome!  I am pet/house-sitter and dog-walker Stacey Kennedy.  For about three decades my family and I have been pet lovers and owners, mostly to dogs and cats.  Each one has given us loads of joy, love, and comfort in our homes, and we have cuddled them with the same endless unconditional love and affections.  That being said, back in 2011 I decided to create my own small business.  I started out helping a couple who wanted to go on vacation.  They wanted somebody reliable and responsible to look after their house and animals, so they hired me.  After a while word got around and I branched out in other neighborhoods of San Francisco, helping those who are too busy or away.  My extreme affinity and closeness to pets has made my clients happy, they kept asking me to come back.  With my friendliness, flexibility, and love for their cuties I was more than happy to.  Pricing will be discussed in person.  I like to keep myself a bargain, but it will also depend on the many days or nights I sit, and the distance I travel.  My goal first is to meet the owners and their fluffy buddies in person, and see how their pet(s) react to me.  Of course every pet is different in personality and in their living arrangement.  It is important to me to know what their needs are and what is convenient to them.  They can stay at my place or I stay at theirs (yours), for in that case we'd acquire a key to me.  Having notes, a list, or a chart of maintenance is always helpful to me;  how often is feeding, walking, litter box changing, plant watering, garbage pick-up, mail intake, etc.  A contact sheet of your vet, family, friends, and/or neighbors is a plus, and I myself have back-up and support 24/7.  Dogs and cats are my specialty, but I have unlimitedly looked after fish and snakes too.  Any animal is fine, just as long as they're domestic and that they trust me.  Kindred spirit, I agree, is a strong sense.  My family has been in the Sunset for generations.  I will be happy to come and meet you and get to know your pets.